Hearing Care Professionals Come Together on Recommendations for New Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Classification

Five Evidence-Based Safety and Effectiveness Priorities for FDA Consideration

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Our Purpose

Hearing loss is a serious, growing healthcare issue in the United States, requiring proper diagnosis and treatment. Without proper diagnosis and fitting, hearing aid devices can make hearing worse, effecting quality of life of patients (and their families).

We all have a responsibility to protect all consumers and strive for safe, effective and accessible treatment of all patients. Our government has the responsibility to regulate responsibly how medical hearing devices are manufactured and marketed and who can buy them and under what circumstances.

Accessible Solutions

for safe and effective hearing care

Over the Counter (OTC) Amplification Devices

Over the counter amplification devices can be helpful for some individuals with mild up to moderate hearing loss, but the amount and quality of sound amplification should meet appropriate performance standards to make the devices effective and safe.

Ensure Safety and Effectiveness of OTC Hearing Aids

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